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  1. I am just answering your comment on my blog for the second, but I usually read all of your blog. I go on twitter and say “new blog” post” and give the title. This one had a perhaps more provocative title. “The Spectrum of Bitternesss Part Four.( I also may be creating an entire book on this venue.) If I write a real boring blog, I don’t tweet it. My tags are my name, my book names, Kindle publishing and some names of people I know I get blog hits from. Also, I see great looking blogs on WordPress, but I do not have success navigating the site and rarely use it. With blogger you can surf and leave comments on other blogs who often get back to you or at least hit it. blogspot has a great ‘stats’ section and it is easy to put up widgets and stuff. Here is my email: In a rush, sorry. Love your words

    • Hmmm– maybe I’m missing something about Blogger. Every time I go there I get confused– for example, I’d like to subscribe to your blog, but I don’t know how– perhaps I’ll have to try again!

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