about me

If the things I write could speak, they’d scream, “Look at me!” They’d twitch and flutter in their fancy hats with jewels and feathersAfter awhile they’d get tired of yelling and flapping and they’d lope off to do something else, something more interesting.

I call this site “Girl in the Hat” but I’m no girl. I’m a grown woman, that one sitting on the park bench with her notebook. I’m happy to hide under my wide-brimmed hat but the words I write are shameless and flashy. I write about invisibility, outsider status, everyday monsters, my attempts to befriend the neighborhood crows, and every other shiny thing that catches my interest.  

Some of my work has found a home online or in print, in Ginosko Literary JournalStir JournalUnshod Quills, Eleven Eleven, and The Huffington Post most recently. For more about me, read this.

I can be reached through the comment section or via email: anna(AT)girlinthehat(DOT)com or let’s be friends or let’s follow each other.


Note about publishing: If you’d like to use my work, send me an email. I have some pieces that I don’t put on the blog and some that I do. If you see something you want to use, let me know, and I’ll take it down if we come to an agreement. I won’t pay to submit and probably won’t submit unless you reach out to me. (Not that I’m above the slush pile— oh, no, that’s fairly constant—but you know how sad and broken that slush pile is, don’t you?) When it’s published, I’ll post a big hoopla about it here, where I have more than 16,000 subscribers.

Note about blogging awards: Although I used to participate, I no longer have time, so please nominate another blogger in my place (but thank you for thinking of me)!


  1. kathleen johnson


  2. Anna is in the open! I’m so glad you are doing this. I will read you more.

  3. Emily

    So great to look at your site. The photos with the stories — such a wonderful idea. Love, E

  4. Kenyon

    Mom! I read the crow article and laughed my head off. You did look like an escaped lunatic. xoxox 😉
    p.s Can we eat at KFC tonight ? ( not )

  5. Kenyon

    Mom! I read the crow article and laughed my head off. You did look like an escaped lunatic. xoxox 🙂
    p.s Can we eat at KFC tonight ? ( not )

  6. Leigh-Anne Eagerton

    I am still discovering the computer, Anna, What a great blog! Yes, please use the painting “lemons on Blue” I would like some KFC, but it’s taboo in this house.

    • Yay! Thank you so much! I will post that piece in a couple of weeks and I’ll try to remember to notify you when it’s up. (That stuff is taboo here, too, but not because it isn’t tasty! 🙂 )

  7. My, you have a beautiful blog.

  8. Hi,

    You have asked me about using this photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/irene2005/3063959852/
    I have absolutely no problem with that as long as you link back to it.

    Thanks for letting me know.

  9. Thank you Irene! I will post that piece in a couple of weeks. I’ll try to remember to let you know. Thanks!

  10. Hi Anna, I subscribed to your blog some weeks back, however this is the first time I read you bio. What an interesting perspective, not unlike my own. As a visual artist, that is “not well known” I find that it is so important to always be a part of the process no matter the exposure. I commend you for writing and writing continiously. It is an internal intuitive love we have for our art.

    I will subscribe to your writings and start exploring your work more indepth.

    Check out my art blog and website, I think you will perhaps see some similiarities to embrace.


  11. Hello Walter! So glad to meet you here and look forward to exploring your art. This place is good for connecting with people like you who understand and share my need to write/make art, no matter what. I’ll go check your blog now. Thanks for reading.

  12. Hello Girl in the Hat! I have a little bloggy blog award for you….details here: http://hannahfergesen.com/2011/06/02/yay-for-blog-awards-of-the-irresistably-sweet-variety/

    Thanks for being so fun to read!

  13. macdougalstreetbaby

    I love your ABOUT page and I agree. Putting myself out there in the Universe (via the internet) validates the inner workings of my brain. It’s also been the perfect setting to find a posse. I look forward to visiting you and soaking up your writing.

  14. I wanted to comment on the question you asked about dreams. I had a dream I was at my grandson’s baseball game and a little boy rode by, naked, on a tricycle. When I woke up I was so glad because I knew where he came from–out of my book.

    My grandson scored the tie breaking run in the championship game in real life. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m gonna Kindle.

    • Wow. I’ve never been visited by one of my own characters in a dream. (At least I don’t think so… hmmm….) Yours must be very whole and fully realized. Thank you for the visit!

  15. Anna, a MOST impressive resume…please don’t omit your highly developed sense of humor tho’…i am honored by your enjoyment of my video (“Heist”) over at Averil’s, and i shall be checking in often. oh – and the food at Cochon, Wiliie Mae’s, and Bayona…oooh…continue…

  16. Nice intro.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looking forward to reading more of yours

  17. I have nominated your blog for an award. Please see my post Liebster Blog Award Nomination for full details.

  18. Anna, thanks for the sub…but i’m no longer at Baying in the Moon, I’m at Barking in the Dark…so click on there and sub me there. your Delta piece is a tragic hoot…will comment on it shortly. continue…

  19. Really love your intro and enjoying what I have read of your blog! Keep it up 🙂

  20. you do good “shit” ! … i will certainly check in from time to time.
    do you ‘know’ @Mollysdailykiss ( on twitter ) … you are kindred spirits … check her out.
    keep up the good work!

  21. I am liking your sites new look. I tend to come to blogs via a direct link and then navigate post to post. And miss the Home Page in the process. Yours is a great one.

    • Thanks, Sam– Don’t know what the hell I’m doing, just had a little thought the place could be spruced up and now, 24 hours in front of my computer later, it’s a giant can of wriggling worms. So I’m glad it’s not for nought!

  22. And so many older posts too. I am struggling to keep up with the reading of all the new posts of the blogs I am subscribed too and then there are all these posts published by bloggers before I came to know their blog.

    Sticks ostrich head in sand!

  23. Hi Anna,
    I really enjoy your blog. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, which I hope you’ll accept and enjoy! The rules can be found on my page:



  24. occultoantonio

    very beautiful your blog.

  25. Anna I like your blog’s new look – very clean, neat, bright, simple, light – Good job! We, my son and I, were just thinking about how to change mine so the pictures were bigger. He is here this weekend and we are going to play around a bit with ideas – although it is a big TV sports day today, so I don’t think my blog will get much attention today,

    • Thanks, Carla– at first it was so tedious and time-consuming I thought I had made a huge mistake but I’m happy now. I’ll have to go see if you expanded your pictures– there’s a game today, too, so perhaps not? 😉

  26. HEY! HELLO! HOWDY! Girl in the Hat!

    I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger award!

    THE DEETS: Post the .jpg of the award in a post or somewhere on your blog; mention the person(s) who nominated you; answer the following questions; nominate up to 12 other bloggers and let them know they’ve been nominated!

    Favorite Color:
    Favorite Animal:
    Favorite Number:
    Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink:
    Facebook or Twitter:
    My Passion:
    Getting or Giving Presents:
    Favorite Pattern:
    Favorite Day of the Week:
    Favorite Flower:

  27. Girl, if i’m “following” you (which i am) how come i haven’t been getting notified of your posts? which is why i’ve not “liked” or “commented” recently. ok, matbe it’s a “never mind” since i just clicked on the “notify me by email” box, which oughta do it. continue…

  28. Ah, Tony, one of life’s great mysteries. (It’s happened to me before, too.) Grateful for your perseverance!

  29. Just what I was looking for, something new to read while traveling! (Awfully hard to find books sometimes, and I am down to my last one. I don’t read Spanish well enough that’s it’s not work!) So thank you for doing this; it’s a great idea. Curling up with my laptop instead of a flesh-n-blood (or paper, I guess) book will take some getting used to, but I will manage!

  30. What a fabulous blog. And I love crows….it was your Gravatar that caught my eye.

  31. mademoiselleporcupine

    Like what you wrote and like the way! Compliments!!

  32. not sure how I lost you but I;m back 🙂 I hear you have a new blog coming up.

  33. Anna, Thank you for the follow. I’m enjoying the look and feel of your blog. I’m a fan of crows as well.

  34. Hope you don’t mind, but, as a great admirer of your work, I have tagged you for the Lucky 7 random editing meme. This is the first chain letter that I took part in since I was a child, but there is no pressure to take part, and there will be no curse coming upon you, oh Lady of Shalott, if you do not choose to take part. I just found it quite an eye-opening exercise (and a bit depressing, as I thought I wrote better than that!). Have a look here and see what you think:
    All the best, Marina

    • Marina– What fun! I’d love to play, curses be damned. (Now I just have to figure out which friends are working on novels….) (Also, as I am on vacation in Kauai at the moment (!!!) please chalk up any delays in my response to pure sun-and-water-addled incapacity.)
      Thank you, Marina!

      • No worries, there’s no time limit on it! And I’ve cheated a little, by sending it on to a few poets – they are bound to be much better than pedestrian novelists like me! Enjoy your vacation! Hard work, but someone’s got to do it!

  35. Found you via AverillDean’s blog….enjoying your stuff a lot. I’ll go figure out how to sign up and get new posts via email….

    I’m an intuitive to writers, and a novelist.

    • Welcome. Any friend of Averil’s is a friend of mine, To subscribe via email, click the link at the bottom right of this page. What precisely is an “intuitive to writers”?

  36. The word that used to be used was “psychic.” I’m offering free readings to writers.

    I look forward to reading your novel….!

  37. Just so you’ll know, I’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award! http://goodoldgirl.wordpress.com/2012/05/31/its-not-nepotism/

    I did it because your blog is not only creative, it’s wonderous!

    PS: Love the hat!

  38. You wear a hat.
    I wear a hat.
    We both wear hats.

    I tip my hat.

  39. If I had a flying carpet, a four-leaf clover, and a magic lamp, I would give them all to Anna and ask for nothing in return.

  40. Hi Anna, here’s a reminder for the Philip K. Dick Festival. It will be over 3 days starting Sept 21 through 23rd 2012 at San Francisco State University, events at the Humanities Building. Hope to see you there! – Dave

  41. You have the best crow collection, crowisms going. Well done, m’lady and thanks.

  42. You have an absolutely lovely site. I am quite impressed.

    So, I’ve nominated you for an award (he says, awkwardly). Mainly, it is to acknowledge that I like what you are doing here and invite you to visit my blog sometime.

    If you want to play along, you can find the nomination post here –


    If not, just pretend like I was never here. Go about your business.

    Keep up the good work.

  43. A

    What a beautiful blog. Just spent ages being nosey and reading up on everything. Hope you do not mind.

  44. guychandler

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Should you accept, please follow the link provided. Thank you and well done 🙂 (http://sargassogyre.wordpress.com/2013/10/11/versatile-blogger-award/)

  45. I love your blog. I just got super-stuck on the “About You” page, reading all the replies you got from other people about hats and implosions – what a super idea, and so much fun.
    Can’t wait to read more of you posts!

  46. Nice to meet you. We chose the same WordPress theme…which is lovely but quite rare. Here’s to our good taste! Looking forward to coming back and reading more but it’s bedtime now…

  47. Just discovered your blog and I’m a fan! So much to explore. I find myself drawn by your writing style.

  48. You know what it’s like when you only have a minute to furtively run up onto the porch of the mysterious house with the cozy porch and the view you covet? So you press your face to the glass, you cup your hands to your eyes and you look in… To find bird wings and bell jars and fabric exactly like the stuff you had in your childhood bedroom. Finding this blog is like that.
    It’s just lovely. I’ll be back.

  49. you get so many of these, but i really enjoy your writings 🙂 i nominated you for the “one lovely blog award”. you don’t have to accept or anything, but if you’d like to here’s the link: http://juliealexandraa.wordpress.com/2014/07/22/the-one-lovely-blog-award/ keep up the fabulous work you put on your blog. i love it!

  50. Hi! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Can’t wait to read more!

  51. Annabel

    Absolutely loving your blog! I thought it was so awesome so decided to nominate you for the One Lovely Blog Award! Please see my blog where I’ve listed you as one of my nominees 😊


    If you don’t fancy it or have already participated, just enjoy the fact that I think your blog is lovely!

  52. Fia Essen

    Hi there! Kate M. Colby nominated me for the THE SISTERHOOD OF THE WORLD BLOGGERS AWARD. And I’ve nominated you: https://essenfia.wordpress.com/2015/01/27/the-sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award/

  53. Annabel- Your blog and writing is very inspiring!
    Best, Kellie

  54. elizabethweaver

    I love crows as well…what wonderful images & quotes you have. And what a great blog! How do you have time to do anything but write???? Great titles (including the blog) & post that got me here(“If I Had a Dollar”) & referrals (just ordered “Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life”) and want more time to read your blog & do my own writing & art…sometimes it’s so hard to choose. Great inspiring blog. Thank you.

  55. I like your intro. very original !
    Your quotes are deep but have a truth in it, that you can discover..
    Such a inspiring blog you have.

  56. your blog is fabulous & I have nominated you for a Cute Blog Award. Just answer the questions I answered & thank your nominator 🙂 Keep up the great work!


  57. Hello! I love your writing style, it’s definitely given me ideas about my blog! I look forward to seeing what you do!
    I was wondering if you would be interested in the 777 Challenge. You go to the 7th page on your work-in-progress, find the 7th line and publish the next 7 lines in a blog post- and then share the challenge with 7 other bloggers. I hope you’re interested, because it was a lot of fun.
    have fun with it and have a great day!
    Happy writing! 🙂

  58. iamhalf | faith & travel

    I love your blog! I love you.

  59. Hi, I have nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award. Hope you don’t mind and have as much fun as I did.Hi! i’ll be posting the rules today. Check it out when i post. I just had to let you know before I posted it 🙂
    Hope you enjoy 🙂

  60. You’ve been seen! Your words have be seen! You have power in your words in that way people are born with. Hello and thank you for taking me on an adventure.

  61. I stumbled upon you and can’t wait to read more. And you’ve made your blog interactive! How fun! With some more time I can’t wait to interact back! I’m sure I’ll get plenty out of such a creative blog!

  62. I am minutes into reading your blog and already have found it to be such an inspiring collection of thoughts, brilliant work!

  63. I’ve been on wordpress for a little over three years and you were one of the first I followed and also one of the first to kindly welcome me in return. Thought of this today and simply wanted to say thank you. I’ve always enjoyed your work and your approach, and been grateful for that initial gesture. I hope you’re well.

  64. freedom writer

    Hi, Anna. I’m glad to have come across your blog (it was through “the boy in the hat” actually 🙂 ). I’m looking forward to checking your work. Good luck with everything!

  65. Marissa

    Hello Anna,
    I 34 years old and also one who has never owned a cell phone by choice. In fact, I am not even on social media, never had a facebook, and only use the computer for information. I usually wouldn’t even comment on a page but your article about not owning a mobile phone was refreshing. I never come across anybody who does not have one and your expression hit the target on how I feel about it too. Also just to add my privacy is my freedom.

    • Hey there Marissa, I completely get it. Privacy is a priceless freedom… to some people. I still don’t have a phone. Thank you for making an exception to your rules and commenting here. If it were in our nature to join in, we opt-outers, ad-blockers, no-cell-phoners would make a very interesting group.

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