i am the story


  1. So many lovely lines and phrases:
    ” trailing sparkle….I take this stanza with me because it’s mine now”…
    “hanging like a frozen start”
    Great read, thanks

  2. One day I will be in Powell’s City Books in my lovely town of Portland, Oregon and I will see your work, published, in hard back, with a dust jacket and everything, and I will say… I know that girl in the hat.

  3. thanks for introducing me to Mary Ruefle and yes I may have pocketed the occasional book (my first job was in a university bookshop and it was brilliant !)

  4. sikolakjengkol

    Reblogged this on Batok kelapa.

  5. I have never stolen a book, but now I want to. God knows why.

    This is lovely.

  6. Mary Ruefle’s “Madness, Rack and Honey” was the best book I read in 2013. She speaks to many of us.

  7. Todd

    I stole a book from Tam High and forgot about it for 25 years. Then, one day while sitting upon the ruins of my failed business and trying to find a path forward, I looked up at my bookshelf and re-discovered the book and an old love for solar energy. I have that book to thank for getting me into this industry 10 years ago. Maybe now it’s time to return it, so it can inspire someone else.

    Here’s a poem by Goethe that seems appropriate. It once inspired someone with a revelation that changed the world…

    The glow retreats, done is the day of toil;
    It yonder hastes, new fields of life exploring;
    Ah, that no wing can lift me from the soil
    Upon its track to follow, follow soaring!

    • I suppose you could chase the day. That would make an interesting story– chasing a day by moving east (how fast would you have to move) always moving toward the sun (but why, what’s the motivation) hmmmm. I like that idea, Todd. (And for some reason, that book on your shelf makes me happy.)

  8. This is so good, I want it in a book so I could think of stealing it. I know you though, so I wouldn’t. I’ll wait until you publish your volume. I love your poetry.

  9. And oh yes, I stole a science book from the school library when I was about six or seven. I thought no other kid would love it as much as I did.

  10. Love the lines:
    “I am the story I am seeking.

    In every face, every poem, even yours.”

    Nope, never stolen a book. But god knows I have been tempted to do so,

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