xmas rejection song

snowy night

All wholly shit.
My time is wasted rhyming.
Who wants to hear me complain?
Come flay me now, paper cuts to silver lining
then fill each hole up with spackle and paint.
I’ll take my fill of dope and wine and vices
to squander care when the next rejection comes.

Crawl… on my knees…
to serve this dish of verbal oysters.
They might change their minds
if I try and try and try and try!
They might change their minds…
they might….

Toe every guideline, choke every hope and feeling
so you can croak in a slush pile unscanned.
Stuck with this pen of red discreetly bleeding.
You will be fucked, you’ll be fucked at either end.
Though hoping hopes might pose the greatest danger,
a hopeless life’s the best fuel for your pen.

So down on your knees
and heed those smug and passive voices
because you might change their minds
you might, if you could just bleed redder.
You might… you might…
yeah you might.

I’ll pay every duty, heed a little harder.
Pull on a thick skin and don a smiley face.
I’ll go through the motions, I’ll act like a martyr
I’ll wear these scabs and scars with hostile grace.
But the spackle’s soft and paint is slowly chipping
And floppy hope keeps falling to the floor.

Down… on our knees…
we strain to hear those tiny voices.
Because we might, we might.
We might! We might? We might!
Oh yeah, we might.

About Anna Fonté

Girl in the Hat, aka Anna Fonté, is an author who writes about invisibility, outsider status, everyday monsters, and her attempts to befriend the neighborhood crows. The things she writes want you to look at them.


  1. Todd

    Oh screw those dirty bastards,
    Those glib and pompous ass turds.
    They think they know what others want.
    But give ’em only what they bought.
    How can they divine what is sublime,
    And know for sure what stirs the mind?
    I really think their time has come,
    Aging dinosaurs on the run.
    Publish yourself and smash the constraints,
    It’s lots of work with different complaints.
    Others have tried and sorely failed,
    But you never know which ship will sail.
    The future is there for you to seize,
    When you get off your knees and stop asking please!

  2. You’ve outdone yourself with this one, sad as it may be. xo

  3. Somebody is NOT a happy camper today !!!!!

  4. Those damn smiley faces . . .

  5. i read this on the Mental Illness Happy Hour Fb feed – I think you might appreciate the sentiment

    “Christmas is like a dry hand job. There’s a present at the end, but I kind of want it to be over with.”

  6. I can just hear Andy Williams crooning this one. Great job.

    Yes, give yourself a break from submitting. I took nine months off and it really helped me get my writer’s head back on straight.

  7. Karin

    I’m sorry. My heart hurts for you. It is the hardest thing to learn I think, to not let others criticism or rejection wound us. I believe in you. When your overnight success comes, you can tell people about this period.XO

  8. When a writer of your talent is having her work rejected every time, it’s only because she’s yet to send her work to where it’s valued.
    It will happen for you.

  9. Stephen

    The streams have trickled from Your eyes, I’m sure,
    And filtered down onto the page, this screen,
    To form a pool distilled from broken dreams
    That overflows as though You can but pour
    Your pain on top of mine to ease this sore
    And weary soul – too tired to try to beam
    From fleshy cage into the world – unseen.
    You don’t belong there, crying on the floor.

    For these old men have desks so strewn with dust
    And ashes – waste from hearts like ours – burnt out.
    But know Yourself and never lose the trust
    You owe Yourself and do not drown in doubt.
    Though meagre treasure these words may well be-
    -Your words have sparked the fire of life in me.

    Thank You.

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