Girl In the Hat Turns 2

(image courtesy Pookie & Schnookie)

That’s right. It’s my blog’s 2nd birthday today. Woo hoo!

A birthday is a good time to take stock and count blessings, and one of the best things about blogging is the people I’ve met. “Met” is the best word I can find for what we did, although in many cases, I‘ve never seen your face. We’re inventing a new kind of relationship here on the blogosphere, one where we chat and joke and share stuff and become involved with people we only recognize by their little gravatars. After two years, I think I get it. My entire perspective of the acts of reading and writing has shifted as a result. Thanks to you, this blog has changed my view of the internet, the noosphere, and the world.

If I could, I’d have you all over today to celebrate.  We’d fire up the hot tub.  There would be trays heaped with finger-food and fancy drinks. Games! A disco ball! We could dance!

So you are cordially invited to my party. It’s a new kind of party: a blog party.  (We need a better word for it.)  Please attend in the comments section below. At this party, how would I recognize you? Would you be dancing, arm-wrestling, cracking jokes (know any good ones?), or hiding under a table? What song would you select on the jukebox? Are you one of those tell-the-whole-world-it’s-my-birthday people or do you like to keep it on the down low?  Do you believe in astrology?  What is your best cocktail-party story?

Even if you don’t chime in, I thank you for reading.

(Coincidentally, the blog and I have the same birthday; however, I’m much older than Hat Girl.)


About Anna Fonté

Girl in the Hat, aka Anna Fonté, is an author who writes about invisibility, outsider status, everyday monsters, and her attempts to befriend the neighborhood crows. The things she writes want you to look at them.


  1. Congratulations on your Blog’s big 2nd Birthday Anna! My real birthday is New Years Eves… so the whole world (though It try to tell them) is really distracted!! Celebrate the day — and know your blog is adored!! ~ Much Love, Robyn

    • If I had my b day on the New Year, I would pretend that everyone’s celebrating me! But I don’t think I’d want to stay up until 12 every year. I’d be the one sneaking off to sleep under the pile of coats on the bed.

  2. Happy Birthday Hat Girl! Love your work. I would suggest Al Green’s greatest hit plus Frankie Beverly and Maze for some soulful tunes once the cocktails kick in. Best wishes for continued success.

  3. Happy birthday (dear Anna’s blog)! Your blog has a very special place in my heart.

    I am definitely a shouter-outer of birthdays. And my family and cultural tradition is to bring something into work or school when it’s my birthday (a cake, sweets, etc.) and share with everybody. You will recognise me as the girl (OK, not quite a girl anymore, but who’s counting!) who really loves Latin grooves and tries to dance salsa (badly).

  4. Happy Blog Bash Anna. I’m guessing you are wearing a party hat today!

  5. macdougalstreetbaby

    Happy Birthday to you and your blog! This is my kind of shin dig!

    You’d recognize me by my hair. Long, grey and in a ponytail. My grandmother is rolling over in her plywood coffin right now, aghast that her only granddaughter cares so little about her personal appearance. My mother, on the other hand, is clapping. Thank God for good mothers. They make the world so much more bearable.

    • At this party, you don’t have to worry about what to wear, for sure. My mom taught me not to be afraid of the greys, too. Thanks for the reminder to remember mom on the birthday– thanks, mom! And all moms who aren’t afraid of birthdays!

  6. Happy birthday, blog and Hat Girl! We do love you so.

    I would be hiding in the corner or possibly under a table, hoping not to be noticed. But if the drinks were free and INXS started playing on the jukebox, you just never know. . . .


    • I’ll be the one sliding drinks under the table and blasting What You Need, hoping to lure you out. Come out, Averil, I promise not to bite! (I dated John Farriss the drummer once. Long story.)

  7. I’ve come to your party in halloween costume of course. I’m not sure what yet. I’ve never worn a costume

  8. I’d be observing. Looking for someone who might appreciate my sort of humor. Too many people are too insecure ‘get it’. I don’t mean sexist or racist ‘humor’. Just more of a personal, quirky kind way of looking at behavior. My daughter tells me to ‘tone it down’, but I don’t like to have to ‘self-censor’ so I often just say it to myself.

    I love your spirit!


    • It’s daughters’ jobs to be ashamed of us. That’s how we know we’re teaching them to be themselves. Or at least that’s what I tell myself! (See– there’s my daughter over there, rolling her eyes and pretending to be too cool for this party.) Thank you for coming, Mike!

  9. Happy birthday Anna! I’ll be the one in the vintage rabbit fur cape fake-reading some tarot cards to people, for fun. What’s your fortune?

  10. Dancing, dancing, dancing! (To “Brown-Eyed Girl”)

  11. Yes, a party! This is an event worthy of much celebration.
    (I will sneak into the hot tub when no ones looking), and I’ll bring some gluten free treats.
    And gelato! What’s your favourite flavour?

  12. Happy blog birthday! My amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe is the only reason I get invited to parties. If there was a way to contribute them to this party, I’d be baking instead of working this morning :-). Enjoy your day!

  13. Happy Birthday Girl in the Hat (Anna, sorry but its her party). Happy Birthday anyway. It’s sort of like the maid of honor announcing her engagement at the wedding so tread lightly. I’ll be there in a bit but please don’t let me have too many drinks. So far I have embarresed myself at that wedding party where He made all that wine, at Cleo’s wedding I made an asp of myself, during Nero’s fiddle-fest I accidentaly set myself on fire, I am not allowed to tell you what happened at Mrs. O’Leary’s birthday party, Humpty-Dumpty would not have fallen off that wall if I had not bumped him while leaving the pub, and Tricky Dick told me not to drink before I went to Watergate – – – but would I listen? No, not I. So please same yourself and me some embarrasing moments.
    Thnak oUy, Dalwo

  14. Happy Anniversary Ms. Hat, and Happy, Happy birthday Anna! Glad I didn’t miss the party. You’ll see me by the jukebox. Everyone’s staring at me because I put this song on. (My idea of party music. I hope you like it!) Let’s dance!

    • Woah! The king meets Zeppelin! That guy looks just like Andy Kaufman! I’m breaking out my Elvis moves now. (I own the whole box set of Zeppelin albums but I’ve never heard of these guys before!)

  15. A cock-tail party … well maybe the fact that I actually once did throw a glass of wine into a mans face because he was so annoying and when I did it I said this (have no idea where it came from but I said it very loud the whole restaurant/bar went silent): “If you had stopped bothering me when I asked I wouldn’t have to hose you down like a dog in heat” … yes I know very DIVA like but it happened so fast and it was like I was having an outer body experience. To this day I can’t really believe I did it but I did!

  16. aubrey

    I don’t have a favorite cocktail-party story – I don’t remember any. But I like to think that I’ve provided others with their favorite cocktail-party stories.

    I will be dressed in velvet and rhinestones, hopefully freshly bobbed (if I can get to Supercuts in time), with a selection of Chet Baker and Gerry Mulligan records under my arm.

    I will be demanding in rather a loud voice what the HELL a person has to do to get a whiskey sour around here.

    Happy anniversary, my dear.

  17. Happy Birthday to your blog, and to you. I follow a lot of blogs and a good number of them fade away so I think 1 blog year is equivalent to, oh I don’t know, 14 human years…

    I understand your point about camaraderie but I think of it more as the loneliness of the long distance blogger – sorry to be a party-pooper but actually that’s what I am or would be except I would not likely be at your party to poop it because I would find some excuse not to attend and then stay in with myself at home and get up to, you know, stuff…! So don’t have any cocktail stories either.

    I do celebrate my birthday above all other days and at the very least make sure I am not doing any kind of work on it.

    I don’t believe in astrology.

    The song I would choose on the Jukebox would be something designed to show my musical erudition but not actually quite working as a party song, perhaps Sabotage by the Beastie Boys, though I guess that might work!

    But I wouldn’t be there anyway!

    I do hope for you many more blogging years as you are a very fine writer and your words cry out to be widely looked at.

    • Heywaitaminute– you came here to tell me you’re not coming? Well my friend, hahaha, too late now, I’ve got you and you’re not getting away. Lock the door, Aubrey! Now turn up the BBoys and we’ll all bang our heads in the air.

  18. kathleen

    You throw a great party, Anna! Now, where’s the cake? Just point me to the cake. Happiest of both birthdays to you!

  19. I am so pleased to have met/encountered you in this world. I have given up and created a wordpress blog just to get over my signing-in paranoia.

    May you and your wonderful words thrive.

    • The delight is mutual, Virginia, and I’m so glad you came over here because now you’re in the neighborhood. I just saw those delicious kilted hunks you brought with you. Excuse me while I fan myself. *phew*

  20. kb

    I am a new friend, but I would love to come to your party. Parties make me very shy, but I love to hear the clever remarks other people make! (If I’m a little tipsy I’ll be able to join in) Raise our glasses of champagne to girl in the hat! Congratulations for pursuing your passion and for sharing your gift.

  21. I’d bring the birthday cake with candles shaped like certain portions of male anatomy, that can’t be blown out…congratulations!

  22. See the guy wearing a houndstooth jacket with elbow patches, sipping a chardonnay and holding court while he bashes Letham’s latest? It’s not me. I’m the one sneaking up from behind, getting ready to pants him.

    (Now you know why I don’t get invited to many parties.)

    A very happy birthday, blog, and Anna.

  23. That’s me in the corner enjoying the sound of celebration.

  24. It is remote and gorgeous and I’m getting work done. So yes, it is wonderful. And so are the others here with me.

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