Sunday Ramblings: The Girl in the Hat


Sunday Ramblings: The Girl in the Hat.

Raina and I had a fun chat. Our talk made me take myself much more seriously for a moment.  I’m feeling very, very serious.  Just give me 5 minutes.  Aaaah.

(What’s harder: writing a novel or giving birth to a child? Click the link to see my answer.)

About Anna Fonté

Girl in the Hat, aka Anna Fonté, is an author who writes about invisibility, outsider status, everyday monsters, and her attempts to befriend the neighborhood crows. The things she writes want you to look at them.


  1. Nice interview. Awesome excerpt from your book, btw.

  2. What a fun interview! And yes, you should take yourself seriously as a writer. I love the things you write and I am sure many others do too. I feel the same way you do about hats, but do you know what is really sad? I have no hats in my life right now! They don’t travel well, so I’ve put them up in the attic of my house in England.

  3. see you’ll be famous in no time

  4. I love the reasons for the hat – so spot on. Its a very fun interview, its rare that both the questions and the answers are so well thought out

  5. raina

    You are too kind Anna…too kind, your answers were brilliant 🙂

  6. i’ve given birth twice–the whole shebang too (got pregnant, stayed pregnant, went into labor at the hospital and stayed there until the birthing process was over…). i’ve yet to finish writing a book. not sure which one is easier, but the birthing thing didn’t take nearly as long.

    • If I could go through it again and end up with a book, I’d do it in a heartbeat. This sitting-here-staring-at-the-screen-and-not-seeing-clearly is so fruitless and frustrating!

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