the girl in the hat– a portrait

(image courtesy Jeff Babbitt)

This year, John’s annual Christmas work party was at Teatro Zinzanni, a very fun dinner theater show in San Francisco.  Of course, we all got dressed up for the occasion; I wore a 1940’s beaded blouse with shoulder pads, a Mad Men style pencil skirt, crazypainful high heels and a velvet-and-feather hat, things I collected at thrift stores over the years.  Even I have to admit I looked ab fab.

See, usually I don’t get out much and if I do, I sometimes forget to wash my hair or put on a clean pair of jeans.  Often, I’m wearing the shirt I slept in and I usually forget to look in the mirror and wipe off that toothpaste in the corner of my mouth.  So of course, I took  a photo to commemorate the occasion.  It turned out very well– so well I almost posted it here on my blog, despite my policy of facelessness (which I explained here).

But now, I don’t have to break my rule.  My new artist friend and fellow blogger Scott Hamilton, who signs himself “ArtBoy68,” is doing a fascinating portrait project (100 portraits in 20 weeks) which you can see on his blog, 100 Portraits, and he did a portrait of me based on that photo.

And OH MY GOD!  It is perfect.  You have to go see it!  Isn’t that the epitome of The Girl in the Hat, the one who writes strange characters and disturbing stories?

That girl looks terrified, doesn’t she?

I am over-the-top happy.


About Anna Fonté

Girl in the Hat, aka Anna Fonté, is an author who writes about invisibility, outsider status, everyday monsters, and her attempts to befriend the neighborhood crows. The things she writes want you to look at them.


  1. If I used sideways smiley faces, I’d put one here!…

  2. elma

    Never judge by appearances (it’s better not to judge but we are human and therefore we do it…). I think I can change the sidewalk when I meet this person, I do it because I do not know if she is terrified ot if it is her true personality. I remember I asked my son who was a good boy why he changed his look by giving the air with a wicked black eyes and he answered me: I’m afraid in the train and the bart at night and if I look bad, no one is bothering me! My own son was starting to scare me.
    So of course I prefer the real Anna!

  3. It looks JUST like you.


  4. Definitely cool picture. Yay you, Anna!

  5. elma

    You are right too Anna! Do you know that after our coffee, I was early for my meeeting so I went to spend time at Pegasus Book. Within two minutes that followed I found myself face to face with the book “The exegesis” without looking for. It was too funny given our previous discussion. Life is wonderful.

  6. How cool!!! Wish I could see the original outfit, if not you in it. 😉 Mmm, vintage!

  7. Such a beautiful, pensive mood he captured. What a talented man.

  8. Thanks for the fun interesting post. I wondered what you looked like 🙂

  9. Over-the-top happy is a fun place to be. Great portrait. Was good and bad to go to Scott’s blog though; good because I got to see all the great portraits, and bad because there were so many interesting-looking people there, whose blogs I just don’t have time to read right now. But maybe later.

  10. thats a lovely portrait (and kind of reminds me of Marla from fight club (By the by i mean that as a compliment.)

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