the actor (chapter 21, part 3)

(image by Hiroshi Sugimoto)

Wayne has a strict protocol for seeing a movie in the theater: 

First, you must go on Monday or Tuesday night to avoid a crowd.  Maybe Wednesday but never, ever on the weekend.  Weekends are for amateurs.  

Second, arrive exactly when the film is scheduled to begin so you don’t miss the previews. 

Before finding your seat you must procure the third, fourth and fifth requirements:  popcorn without butter, a medium diet coke, and a box of black licorice.  If they only have red licorice then you lodge a complaint and get Junior Mints instead.

It is best to sit in the middle of the theater, halfway down the aisle; if there’s only room in the front or back ten rows then get your money back instead. 

Wayne’s cell phone has never rung during a film—if it did, he would probably crush it under his heel like a cockroach.

When the house lights darken, Wayne asserts his possession of the armrests and leans back in his chair.  This is the magical moment when everything fades away and the ceiling overhead can only be sensed distantly like a soft, loose mantle.  His mind must open and stretch to fill the space around him; his imagination yearns to be consumed, hijacked, occupied by someone else’s reality. 

Victor turns to Wayne and whispers, “What’s up with the glasses?

A large portion of this chapter has been deleted.

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About Anna Fonté

Girl in the Hat, aka Anna Fonté, is an author who writes about invisibility, outsider status, everyday monsters, and her attempts to befriend the neighborhood crows. The things she writes want you to look at them.


  1. Love the scene with Wayne’s glasses, and the way he uses them to buy time. Mine are real, but I use them the same way.

    And the paragraph that begins with “The killing sun . . .” is excellent.

  2. aubrey

    I like the sequeway from queasy thoughts to feeling sick; mental onwards to physical. And the way the words dwell – fixated and tortured: really well done.

  3. 2&4&12B 9 18A 14B 12A 18B 20B&7&16A&16B 14A 15A&15B
    11 3B 3A 13&19A&19B&21A&21B 20A 6 10 21C 8&17A&17B&
    5&1 – You will have a hell of a time putting this all together in the
    end, I get the feeling it will all come together, but how? I’m glad
    you removed the kiss, if there was one, he is far too young for

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