maybe if someone pushed me (chapter 20, part 1)

(photo thanks to Jan-Roald Johansen)

Ants crawling all over a delicious morsel.  That’s what they were like: the trainer, the cosmetologist (or whatever you call the person who fiddles with your skin), the masseuse, the seamstress, the housecleaners, the various assistants and, it would be fair to say, Drew herself, although she tried to suppress that notion while she greeted them at the door, motioned to chairs and fetched drinks.  Drew carried her notebook with her, one finger squeezed in to mark the page of questions she wanted to ask Mae when there was time.

A large portion of this chapter has been deleted.

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Hello there! Is this chapter as boring as I think it is? I’m trying to convey Drew’s  irritation with this long fixation on the surface of things and I’m afraid I’ve overdone it.  (Friends:  Please excuse me if I seem rather quiet these days.  I’m on vacation for two weeks at a spot on a river that has spotty internet connectivity.  You’d think that meant more time to write but no, no at all.)

About Anna Fonté

Girl in the Hat, aka Anna Fonté, is an author who writes about invisibility, outsider status, everyday monsters, and her attempts to befriend the neighborhood crows. The things she writes want you to look at them.


  1. Not boring at all, not for me. I think the reason is that the dialogue is so strong. I like the banter–it’s funny, and seems real to me. (Although I kind of want to slap Lauren. But that’s just me and my buffalo wings, projecting.)

  2. aubrey

    No boredom here – in fact, I feel the irritation since I hear a lot of this kind of chat where I live. I thought a line or two of weight-oriented dialogue could be edited out, but on re-reading this, I think it balances perfectly.

  3. It’s hard for me to rate this, but the characters seem
    interesting. I looked through your posts and coulden’t
    find any book 1 part 1’s where are they!

  4. God, I love swimming – I push myself in thank you.
    Nothing seems to stand out, here, in this chapter
    yet. It’s hard to know just how important a chunk
    of novel is untill the end is reached. The crack
    about swimming is very supporting of the water
    theme. Also Mae’s choice of a personal trainer
    is very telling – amusing. Drew is very much a
    part of Mae’s entourage it seems. People
    interested in celibrities and the Holloywood
    fantasy – would be your audience here
    methinks . . .

    When I first read this out of context my
    impression was of a bunch of friends
    hanging out at the gym, I didden’t care
    for it but . . . in context it’s much better.
    “What Would Water Do.” It definately
    more powerful in context, Directing
    your readers to part one was very

    Here is my ranking –

    2&4&12B 9 18A 14B 12A 18B 7&16A&16B 14A 15A&15B
    11 3B 3A 19A&19B&13 20A 6 10 8&17A&17B&5&1

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