about you

please take a moment to answer this questionnaire in the comments section below. why?

because telling the truth will make you a better person (or writer)?

because lying (or writing) takes practice, practice, practice?

because it might make you famous, one day?

because you like to talk about yourself?

because it’s fun, and fun is good?

because i’m a very nosy girl?

QUESTIONNAIRE (answer any that apply)

1. how do you do? (or how do you don’t?)

2. if you wore a hat, what would it look like?

3. is there such a thing as pure fiction or true autobiography?  no–scratch that–if we made a movie of your life, what would your protagonist’s name be and what would be his/her most memorable characteristic, quote, or moment? 

4. how do you deal with rejection? (tell me a story.  i love stories.)

a. implosion (describe)

b. explosion (describe)

c. evolution (describe)

d. other ___________

5. truth or dare?  hypothetically which would you choose or really, which have you chosen?  yes, i’m asking for stories again.  stories that scuttle up and sink their teeth into your ankle, stories that stand against the wall chewing cuticles, stories that lure you into the passenger seat with candy promises.

(image courtesy clotho98)

(this idea is a brazen rip-off from biblioklept.)


  1. TheOthers1

    1) I’m well, thank you for asking.
    2) Probably a straw hat. I have one I typically wear to the beach. It has flowers on the front
    3) Um… Can I get back to you on this one?
    4) Probably implosion? I internalize everything. I’d more than likely shut down and stew over it.
    5) Dare.

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  3. 1. I wear a hat, thank you.
    2. Like the one I wear now. I’ll get a wider and wider brim as I grow older. But the color stays black.
    3. Nope. He’ll be called Vincent Mars and he will say many memorable things like:
    ‘I mean to say that I say what I don’t mean.’
    ‘Funny is he who is funny without trying to be funny.’
    4. I avoid getting in situations where I might get rejected. When it comes to girls, I just weep about it and make love with my pillow.
    5. Truth!

    • That’s one fine-looking lid. I’ll trade hats with you any day. But I’m sure it takes a certain je ne sais quois and a name like Vincent Mars to pull off a hat like that. Your protagonist sounds a bit like Lewis Carroll. What’s more fun– talking about playing truth or dare, actually playing, or writing about playing?

  4. I think the funnest fun would be talking about writing about playing truth or dare.

  5. ThreeKingsBooks

    I have a whole collection of hats. I look good in them. Mine tend to be old-fashioned and formal.

    The movie of me would have a protagonist named Rose, and she would say, “Call me sister. I am here. Hear me.”

    After 30 years as a writer (sigh), I definitely choose EVOLVE. I am so much stronger and focused now. No regrets — it can take some of us a long time, like, THIRTY YEARS.

    Truth, for sure.

    • I would pay to see your hat collection, Josephine. Any writer-woman with a hat collection is a sister of mine. Hello, sister! What do I have to do to see those hats?

      I hope to evolve into a writer like you. For now, I’m more like a big, bloody, amorphous mess.

      I’m still giggling over your how-to-turn-a-man-on post.

  6. ThreeKingsBooks

    Actually, I was thinking of getting rid of my hats. My hair no longer works with them. Would you like them? I could send them out to you.

    • If you’re serious, I’m swooning. Really? My first reaction is to try to convince you to hold on to those hats– you may change your mind– but my fingers are tingling and I have a string of drool hanging from the corner of my mouth….

  7. How on Earth did I miss this?

    1. Often I do fine. At unexpected times I do well. Sometimes when I blink, very strange things happen in just that fraction of time. Then I question everything.
    2. When I wear a hat for sun protection I have little choice, so the ones I wear are whatever was cheapest within my style range — bohemian/hippie/country/classic. With no other consideration but style, I’m a sucker for the look of a woman in a men’s fedora. Wool felt. Slightly wider, pliable brim. James Cagney gangster style. I’d love to be able to have one made for me. There’s a hat shop here in Chicago that I’m almost desperate to walk into. I nearly press my nose into its window as I pass by and dream. (I like cowboy hats, too — the old, slightly wilty, well-used kind.)
    3. If the movie’s made from my WIP, her name is Summer. (I don’t know why. It came and it stuck.) Her most memorable moment is the birth of her daughter because what happens just before, during, and right after tells almost everything anyone who’s interested would need to know about who she is and the raw material of her life.
    4. a. My implosion begins with a familiar voice that says I’ll never be good enough. Then I list the reasons — every previous deed that seals this fate, with some that have been told to me (but are obviously lies) by people I’ve loved who hated something about me. After this I move toward evolution, but big change feels like something around a corner that I haven’t reached yet.
    5. Somehow I’m always more comfortable with truth.

    • Aha! You found my little graffiti wall! I added it fairly recently, without hoopla.

      I could see you in a handmade felt fedora. We could meet in the park to kick up our boots and play chess under the trees while sipping from little flasks. Or maybe we only go out at night. We could use eyeliner to draw ourselves mustaches.

      I hope you’ll go into that store one day and just try a couple of them on.

      Your WIP sounds very intriguing. I hope I get to find out what happened to Summer–

  8. 1. I am very well, thank you very much. How do YOU do?

    2. I would wear my favorite hat – a little black felted cloche/bucket hat with a little black bow. It looks very Roaring Twenties, and I love it, even though my favorite fashion decade is the fifties. I find hats a rather fascinating topic – I have trouble wearing certain ones, I do not have a very Hat-Fitting head, but when I find the perfect ones they are quite perfect. However, if this question can also apply to hats not in my possession? Almost every hat ever worn in the show Downton Abbey. I am so sad that it is no longer fashionable to wear ridiculously frilly, flowery, large hats.

    3. The protagonist’s name would be Cordelia Fitzgerald and she would have grand adventures indeed, however she probably wouldn’t have any ridiculously memorable quotes or moments, because I don’t like to assign that much importance to myself. However, if there were to be quotes that someone did find memorable it would probably because she sounded an awful lot like my favorite literary heroine, Anne Shirley.

    4. I deal with it via implosion and explosion and evolution simultaneously. I compartmentalize each rejection. My mind follows Survival of the Fittest. When rejection happens, I bottle it all up inside me and get sadder and sadder until it implodes (I say implosion because it all happens internally.) That implosion then triggers an explosion of poetry, and I write out all the sad. Then, the bits of me that are left over learn from the event, and evolve into a better, more aware, and happier me. It’s a process that makes me feel like a phoenix, and still allows me to have my very sad moments while remaining in control.

    5. Dare. Always dare.

    • Margaret, please excuse my rude delay. I think I lost my head somewhere in August. It rolled into a corner and grew a thick fur of dust.
      I think if we all put on our favorite hat and wore it all day tomorrow, perhaps we could manage to bring hats back in vogue. National Hat Day? Just think how fun!
      Aha! The phoenix image fits perfectly. Hopefully, we manage to become finer phoenixes (although perhaps repetition deserves as much respect as improvement? Hm…).
      Now I’m off to see what you’re writing.

  9. 1. it rather depends on the day, but muddling through is my default state of being.

    2. it is not a matter of “if” but “when”, and the when is always, and the type is commonly muted red beret

    3. pure autofictography. and names are such odd things, i would prefer to leave a protagonist nameless, or else give a very silly name that has no meaning such as Sassafras McMermaid. she would be known for doing absolutely nothing and thinking far too much.

    4. by accepting that i am probably in the wrong.

    5. truth.

  10. I like you, girl in the hat. You’re real . . . and you definitely invite, if not demand, real. You show and sound like you haven’t got time for unreal. But I also feel and see raw in your words . . . and real means you’ve been burned raw once or a lot . . . but once is enough when the burning was almost too much. It’s hard for me to answer your questions because there are so many answers to chose from . . . especially when you’ve been living as long as I am. But the last one: dare. I know that one. My answer is Dare to be real. Not easy when you’ve been ordered, trained, conditioned to be unreal and you’ve never seen real. Like me who grew up in Pleasantville, Iowa. And like a 30 year old big steel-hard handsome black man I was sitting cross-legged across from in a small circle for five 6-hour nights a long time ago. He had been let out of state prison to come sit there in the basement of Grace Cathedral in SF and “learn some of your good white shit,” as he told the rest of us (6 whites with no hats) with his eyes slit while not moving his mouth that first night (in the late 60′s). The leader, William Schutz was his name, thanked him for being the only one on the circle who was real. But I didn’t think he was being real and said so, that there was something else he was not showing or telling us. He flashed at me. My heart thudded. It took until the 5th night, but that last night, that beautiful and now soft black man sobbed long and hard and said it was the first time in his life he had felt real. Crying, hugging and holding him, the rest of us felt real along with him in a large entwined pile.

    • Well thank you Robert, for this rousing note. Hello! They say of all the injuries, burns hurt the most and leave the worst scars. They also say that the best writers are the ones who tap into their pain. I have no idea if my life has been any more painful than anyone else’s, in fact I”m sure it has not been as painful as most, because my scars are relatively faint, but I am intensely interested in how people move through it (or don’t). All this reminds me of what Joseph Campbell said (you strike me as someone familiar with JC): “Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” It’s hard to imagine a place called Pleasantville, Iowa. You “speak” like someone I know, probably because we now live in the same place. I feel that I have met you before, along with that black man in the basement of Grace Cathedral and the other men in the men’s group. (My father is also a big Robert Bly, mens-group kind of guy.) That was a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it with me.

  11. Well this looks fun.

    1. With a shovel, a wide grin and a bottle of gin.

    2. The hat would look as it always did. Though my lid combined with the hat would look like an old time wizard in a new time body who’s lost his way to Narnia.

    3. Jean-Jaque. And the quote: “If loud farts could make jam, I’d kiss a horses mouth and scream hallelujah in ancient Hebrew from the peak of mount everest.”

    4. c) evolution. I like it rough, tough and without any fluff.

    5. Truth. That may or may not be the truth.

  12. Aha! I now have a clear mental picture of a man standing at the peak of a mountain with a shovel, a bottle, and a scarf wrapped rakishly around his neck, farting and yelling simultaneously. Sort of like the Little Prince if it was a comedy and you added twenty years and a big twist. Welcome, HAW! Humans ARE weird. I look forward to reading your blog.

  13. 1. I’m usually good, but today I’m feeling a bit blah. Perhaps more coffee is needed.

    2. I do wear a hat, actually. A camouflage Browning baseball cap thankyouverymuch.

    3. I don’t know about names. Names don’t typically matter much next to the nature of the person. I think my protagonist would be a very scatterbrained individual. With a voice that is hardly ever heard. When she gets angry, she explodes. When she’s hurt, it is complete turmoil. She wouldn’t talk much, but when she does, it’s never what she meant to say.

    4. Implosion. In fact, I am dealing with that right now. I typically feel sorry for myself (sound familiar? ^), lose my appetite, keep to myself and wait until I’m over it. Which usually takes a while. I have recently come to terms with the fact that I am a pitiful little human.

    5. Truth.

    • It takes a special something to pull off a camouflage Browning baseball cap.

      I too never seem to say the right thing. In writing, I can edit, but spoken words are waaay too permanent for me. Some day they’ll invent a machine for people like you and me. We will wear it every day and it will fix those words so we can go out in public without a worry.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  14. 1. I’m well. I’m tired. It’s 6 a.m. and I’m heading out the door to Pilates class. Ugh. (but I’m going I’m going!)
    2. I live in a baseball hat. A woman who plays sports always has a bad hair day.
    3. There is no such thing as fiction or nonfiction. There is also no such thing as truth, and memory is the most fallible thing there is. Favorite quote: “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”
    4. Mostly evolution, the more “no’s” I get, the more I want to prove them wrong. When I was little I played mostly with boys and when they’d beat me at games I’d lie in bed at night and plot my revenge, how I was going to beat them tomorrow. It’s served me well, those games and those boys.
    5. Truth. (see #3 above) :-)

    • 1. Woah. Now that is dedication!
      2. Hats are great for hiding messes, aren’t they?
      3. I love that answer. Why does that answer make me feel so happy?
      Teri, I can’t wait to read your memoir. Really. I want an autographed copy.

  15. 1. I’m in for it now, that’s a fact.
    2. I’m a hat girl, myself. In the summer I prefer large sombrero style ones, in the winter crochet or knit caps are my fancy.
    3.”We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” Apparently that quote is attributed to Buddha. In my story, I say it, like a mantra, in front of the bathroom mirror, as my four small children scream for me on the other side of the locked door.
    4. The older I get, the less interested I am in what other people think. Rejection is subjective.
    5. Truth. It requires less energy.

    • I love that quote and that you’d say it, especially to a closed door. That is priceless. What is it about a locked door that is so tantalizing? And I completely agree with you about age– when I turned 40, it was like a weight was lifted, the heavy yearning for exterior validation. This strange phenomenon makes it easier to get older, does it not?


    1. how do you do? – All things considered, I do ok. How do you do?

    2. if you wore a hat, what would it look like? – Flamboyant. It would definitely have a ridiculously large feather.

    3. is there such a thing as pure fiction or true autobiography? no–scratch that–if we made a movie of your life, what would your protagonist’s name be and what would be his/her most memorable quote or moment?

    d’artagnan – If at first you don’t succeed, you probably aren’t cut out for skydiving.

    4. how do you deal with rejection?

    a. implosion (describe)

    b. explosion (describe)

    c. evolution (describe)

    d. other ___________ Sheer, grim, stubborn endurance

    5. truth or dare? Truth – it lasts a lot longer.

    • Hey there, TTA: Pleasure to meet you (again)! I’m doing good but I don’t do much good– thanks for asking. Truth does last longer, doesn’t it? Unless the dare involves a tattoo, I suppose. Hats without feathers are like boats without oars: they rely far too much on the current.

  17. I like that idea about feathers, hats and boats. :)

  18. 1. how do you do? Had a bad day.But I’ll get over it.And you? Hope you have an awesome day today.
    2. if you wore a hat, what would it look like? Either red or invisible
    3. is there such a thing as pure fiction or true autobiography?no–scratch that–if we made a movie of your life, what would your protagonist’s name be and what would be his/her most memorable quote or moment?
    Sammy,’it’s okay not to believe,to get to something that you really want to believe in.’ –me ,hah maybe i’ll blog that.
    4. how do you deal with rejection?
    a. implosion then evolution.
    5. truth or dare? You know what I’ll choose dare this time

    • An invisible hat? That’s a first, for sure. You have a beautiful blog, Yeah. (Can I call you Yeah?) I love the popping surreal background. They say that’s the trend of our universe– implosion then evolution. Here’s to seeing what’s next.

  19. PS:You have an awesome blog here. Like the layout as well.Kudos.

  20. 1. how do you do? Hanging in there. I’ve been better. I can complain, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll continue to try to make the best of a bad situation.

    2. if you wore a hat, what would it look like? I adore hats. Winter -oversized beanie, Spring – sports/driving cap, Summer – giant sun-hat, Fall – Fedora

    3. is there such a thing as pure fiction or true autobiography? no–scratch that–if we made a movie of your life, what would your protagonist’s name be and what would be his/her most memorable quote or moment?
    I like the first question actually, and I believe the answer to both questions is a resounding NO. The protagonist’s name would be Ellie and her most memorable quote would be, “I make the impossible, possible,” and then she does. Her other quote would be to quote Frank Zappa’s quote which is, “There is no hell, there is only France.”

    4. how do you deal with rejection?

    a. implosion (describe): yes… I feel the need to justify and redeem myself.

    b. explosion (describe): yes… I justify and redeem myself.

    c. evolution (describe): yes… I justify and redeem myself.

    d. other ___________ :This just about covers it.

    5. truth or dare? I dare to tell the truth.

    • Welcome bohemian hippy. My god, those red shoes of yours are delicious. Wow! And FZ’s quote is hysterical. I wonder what he meant– all France or just Paris? A beautiful city covered in dog shit, perhaps? I once had a friend who, whenever anyone criticized her, she’d claim, “It’s part of my charm.” I love that quality.

      • Why, thank you! I suppose it’s not very hippy like of me to admit that those little red shoes were a total unnecessary, overpriced impulse purchase made while perusing through the shoe section at Nordtrom’s, but wow, are they comfy, and the suit my boho wardrobe.

        After having traveling through France several times a year since 1996, I have to imagine he was mostly referring to Paris. I see you too, have walked the dog shit covered streets of the City of Love. Not many people believe me when I tell them this fact. They live in the magical Parisian dream world where there is no crime, everyone drinks wine and eats croissants for breakfast (ok that part is true), and the streets are paved with rose pedals.
        You’re friend is a wise, wise woman.
        I’ve had the chance to search through your blog now I’m hooked. I love your style. Keep up the great work :-)

  21. katie2788

    Well, I’m totally new to the whole blogging thing (it’s an extremely convenient way to avoid studying) and this happened to be the first blog I stumbled upon and the “about you” section completely snagged my attention. Now I’m interested so I guess I’ll answer your questionaire :)

    1. How do I do? I suppose I do just dandy. I’m alive = I’m happy!

    2. I would wear a hat, I wear one nearly every day because it’s cold here. It’s neon pink and may or may not glow in the dark and it makes me look like an elf. I love it.

    3. Her name would be Katie because it’s a lovely name. Her most memorable quote… “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

    4. Rejection… let’s see, all of the above, not always in that order.
    Implosion – mentally berating myself
    Explosion – that moment when I finally get by myself (because losing my shit in public is not happening) is swearing, kicking, wanting to break stuff, the list goes on.
    Evolution – after the initial blow, introspection is in order. It’s time to write things out or talk things out, listen to some awesome jams and move on with a clear mind.
    Other – pretend it didn’t happen.

    5. Truth?

    • Hello Katie and welcome to the blogosphere. Are you a wall-puncher? I’m a sream-into-my-pillow person myself. I like the option of pretending it never happened. Truth with a question mark is intriguing….

      • Katie

        Thank you for the welcome! Yes. Walls have been punched and items have been thrown. My pillow has also been verbally abused on occasion, but it’s not often. Pretending it never happened is quite possibly my go-to method for anything I’ve ever done wrong ;) try it out sometime!

  22. 1. how do you do? (or how do you don’t?) at this very moment, I am obsessing over a bruise on my ankle that I inflicted on myself whilst taking off my rubber boot.

    2. if you wore a hat, what would it look like? I wear hats constantly. My favorites are a knit blue one and a crochet owl hat.

    3. is there such a thing as pure fiction or true autobiography? no–scratch that–if we made a movie of your life, what would your protagonist’s name be and what would be his/her most memorable quote or moment? Penelope Merriweather. She would be remembered for saying, “My first name ain’t Baby, it’s Janet. Miss Jackson if you’re nasty.”

    4. how do you deal with rejection? (tell me a story. i love stories.) I can stand to be rejected. I wish I had a story for you, but honestly it wrecks me. First I panic, then I get super pissed, because really? I am the shizzle. Then I pout for awhile and over analyze it to death. Then I tell them to fuck off in my mind every time I see them.

    5. truth or dare? hypothetically which would you choose or really, which have you chosen? yes, i’m asking for stories again. stories that scuttle up and sink their teeth into your ankle, stories that stand against the wall chewing cuticles, stories that lure you into the passenger seat with candy promises.

    Truth. Always truth. Usually when I do dares, even inadvertent ones, things go awry. Like the time I was 12ish and my step dads drunk friend wanted to take this jet ski for a test run with just me and no one else around. We almost sunk the jet ski and I’m left wondering why an adult male would’ve gone on such an adventure with a young girl for the rest of my life. No dares.

    • Hello, Carrie. I hope you’ve written about that jet ski experience. As soon as I read “step dad’s drunk friend” my throat constricted. It sounds like one of those life-altering moments that, when put on the page, can’t help but buzz with importance.

  23. 1i do great most days with pollyanna look at life 2 my hat would be a great victorian hat with feathers and jewels. In my second lice avantar I always have hat and crow. 3 Robin that is me crossed with batgirl and i would love everyone. Well most everyone. 4 rejected at work two yrs ago. Now I know they are assholes and I would never as western girl make those eastern jerks happy. 5 In the 70s I had an adventure in europe that would make your hair curl. Includes jail, hash and reading a book out loud to hookers and murderers then getting deported on a technicality and escaping 7 years in a foreign jail. truth!!

    • Now that’s a hat. I’ve always wanted a Victorian hat– velvet, with ostrich and ribbons– and wow, what a story. I have so many questions– like WHAT HAPPENED! and have you written about this adventure somewhere and what was the book you read them, I wonder? (Or perhaps that detail is irrelevant.)

      Love your crows and quilt.

      • The story is still in my laptop only 1/3 done. You know how time slips away every day. The book I read to the other inmates was White Dawn by James Houston. The book had been left in the small holding cell we were in and so in an effort to calm my sister down I started reading it out loud. When we got to Ocala Women’s prison others latched onto us. The story is about three whalers who are lost at sea in the artic 200 yrs ago and are adopted by the Eskimo. A classic story of cultures clashing.

        That’s it for now. Be good and wear your hats proudly!!

  24. Hi when I get on my laptop keyboard I’ll give ya the lowdown ;)

  25. Hello!
    1. how do you do? I’m fine at the moment, got back from swimming laps this evening, had dinner, relaxing now and am delighted at having found your blog!
    2. if you wore a hat, what would it look like? Up til now I’d wear beanies in winter and straw hats in summer. I still like straw hats in summer, but for winter time now I want something fancier, like happier colours or with a flower attached to the hat.
    3. is there such a thing as pure fiction or true autobiography? no–scratch that–if we made a movie of your life, what would your protagonist’s name be and what would be his/her most memorable characteristic, quote, or moment? I’m fine with my real name: Sofia. Memorable characteristicS would be: sometimes way too kind to others (if that is possible), too impatient with myself, obsessed with miserable classical music, I’m from too many places to be from anywhere really… Gosh it all makes me sound a bit awful.

    4. how do you deal with rejection? (tell me a story. i love stories.)

    a. implosion (describe)

    b. explosion (describe)

    c. evolution (describe)

    d. other ___________ All of the above. First I keep cool. Then I sort of panic and ring my best friends to have a good talk. Then try to learn from it. Till now I would ignore and pretend whatever never existed. But now I try and learn from it.

    5. truth or dare? hypothetically which would you choose or really, which have you chosen? yes, i’m asking for stories again. stories that scuttle up and sink their teeth into your ankle, stories that stand against the wall chewing cuticles, stories that lure you into the passenger seat with candy promises. Truth.

    • Sofia! It takes a certain someone to choose their own name, a certain je ne sais quois. Hello and welcome and my god, what a delicious blog you have. *blinking my eyes* *drooling* You can come over any time and will you please, please show me how to make the dulce de membrillo!

  26. 1. how do you do? (or how do you don’t?)
    I do, or rather I am somewhat tired after a long day but on the whole rather well. The sun came out this morning, it helped :)
    2. if you wore a hat, what would it look like?
    I have a hat collection actually. I think everyone should. If I was a hat though… I think I’d be a grey top-hat, covered in garlands of flowers.
    3. is there such a thing as pure fiction or true autobiography? no–scratch that–if we made a movie of your life, what would your protagonist’s name be and what would be his/her most memorable characteristic, quote, or moment?
    Her name would be Maria Arienette Lacey and she would be memorable because she has a tendency to quote things in the middle of conversations
    4. how do you deal with rejection? (tell me a story. i love stories.)
    a. implosion (describe)
    I cry, think about it, deal with it. I had my heart-broken once by one of my friends, we didn’t talk for awhile but we got over it after a lot of crying, thinking, dealing with it, now we’re as close as ever and far less awkward :)
    5. truth or dare? hypothetically which would you choose or really, which have you chosen? yes, i’m asking for stories again. stories that scuttle up and sink their teeth into your ankle, stories that stand against the wall chewing cuticles, stories that lure you into the passenger seat with candy promises.
    I tend to slip a coin and let that choose. I do more dares than I probably should. My first kiss was a dare on the school field because nobody believed I’d kiss a girl: I regret nothing.

  27. 1 – O’reet? I’m reet proper good, ta.
    2 – I’d be The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat, by Oliver Sacks.
    3 – An existentially laden anti-hero by the name of Wilfred Von Snugglemuffins. He’d be fond of roaring, “But I did turn the oven off!” whilst picking his nostrils arbitrarily.
    4 – Dealing with rejection – alcohol. Vodka does the trick.
    5 – I’d simply ignore the question.

  28. laurakoan

    1. still figuring out, today it’s taking me longer that the usual (been up for almost 5 hours, already)

    2. a black veil tiny hat, like the ones classy women wore in the 40s

    3. Her name would be Micol and she would be a very talented actress who teaches in a primary school while waiting for success. Here memorable quote would be “There’s a solution for everything, except the lack of curiosity”.

    4. I don’t, mostly. This is why I haven’t become a photographer nor a writer and I’m single. And the story would take too long to be written in a comment :)

    5. dare. I’ve been choosing truth for a lifetime and where did it get me? on my couch, on a saturday morning, trying to figure out who who I want to be. dare. I need someone to dare me to do something I haven’t had the guts to do so far. see if I get anywhere.

  29. Hi,I am melancholy. How are you?

    I have tons of hats. SInce being a mom, I do not don one often. My fab Coach suede burgundy hat with a tan leather “belt” that goes through the middle would be my everyday style. Cool looking, classic, but a little funky. Me in a freaking nutsehll.

    In my movie or story, the character would be named: Doteur O’Hara. She is a southern woman that has a flair for the dramatic. She is beautiful and lonely and confident on the outside, but constantly doubts herself. Hence the name, Doteur. Her quote: Life is not a dress rehearsal, so look fabulous all of the time and do not apologize for who you are.

    I think that I have a mini-implosion. I internalize and internalize and their is spontaneous combustion and then I hurl angry and hurtful words and sometimes objects at the rejector. Luckily, I do not have a romantic interest in my life, because that is what I link rejection with. I am not good at picking, so I am running away from love. This way rejection is easier to avoid…

    Truth-I do not know who I am totally. I am at the point of my life where I am entering the Big Fours. I am helping my kid to explore who she is and she is more well-rounded and adjusted than any adult that I have ever met. She is multi-talented, extremely smart and so kind and pure of heart. I am on the other end of the spectrum. I am not really in a career. I have no love life. I am figuring out who I want in my life- who is worthy. I am measuring myself up to all of the people that I know that have love and don’t have financial problems or career worries. I am failing miserably in my eyes and it is scary.

  30. thesailorswoman

    1. I’m fine, well, okay. (I have a bit of cold.) How are you?
    2. I love hats, but rarely find one that fits as I have a large head. I tell people it’s because I have a big, brilliant mind, but I think it’s just a big skull and lots of hair.
    3. Since I’m writing my own story, I reserve the right to tweak my protagonist to make her more daring and exciting. Her name would be Erica Stratford and she would be a confident, tempestuous redhead who can parallel park and isn’t afraid of spiders. Her quote: “I’ll just have the daily special.” (As a fussy eater, I’d love to avoid the eye rolling and sighs whenever I place one of my special orders in a restaurant.)
    4. Implosion–I take everything very personally and stew about rejections and slights endlessly.
    5. Truth. I’m not the daring type.

    • As an undergrad, I manned an on-campus hall. Twice a week for one semester, a very controversial professor at the school held classes in that hall. He was very popular for many out-there ideas, including the fact that he thought people with bigger heads were more intelligent than small-headed people. Whether he was correct or not should be irrelevant to you, and you should go hatless with pride and self-assurance. (Thank you for stopping by!)

  31. :D This looks fun, I’d like to take a whack at it!

    1. Unfortunately, not so well at the moment! I also have a bit of a cold (like sailorswoman). :( I hate being sick, I feel so sluggish and cranky.

    2. It would look like a sun hat! And it’d be white, preferably, and made out of that straw-like material that I don’t know the name of.

    3. My protagonist’s name would be Drae, since that’s my nickname. Her most memorable quote would be, “Always like what you write, and always write what you like.” So she’d be a writer, right! And bffs with J.K. Rowling, just fyi.

    4. d. all of the above.

    It depends on the situation, but implosion usually comes first for me. The rejection always catches me off guard, sorta kills me a little, numbs my brain. The explosion comes later, usually when I’m venting to a family member. (And if it doesn’t come while I’m venting, then it just silently has its heyday in my mind.) It’s rare when the explosion comes first, which would usually be because I didn’t like the way I was rejected, or the person who rejected me, or the reason I was rejected, and etc. The implosion would then be the aftermath in those cases–a mix of guilt, embarrassment, and more sadness at the rejection.

    But either way, in the end I never regret anything. That’s my evolution. I take what’s happened and make it a keepsake like, “Yeah, I’ve been rejected–but I handled it.” :P Sure, the memories might haunt me for the rest of my life, but like I said–don’t regret a thing!

    5. My nickname is dare! It just puts the “r” before the “a” for… various… reasons.

    So yes, dare!

    But I’m afraid I don’t have much of a story for this… just that I took a shot of ketchup once on a dare. :P

    • Pleasure to meet you, Drae, I wish I could say the words “always” and “write” in the same sentence. Have you ever noticed that truthless is just one letter away from ruthless? I usually choose truth, and usually regret it.

      • The pleasure’s all mine, Anna! And actually, it’s easy for me to say those words in the same sentence, but not as easy to live up to them–not by a long shot.

        And, no, I’ve never noticed that truthless is a mere letter away from ruthless! How ironic. Have you ever noticed that live spelled backwards is evil? O.o I’m not sure what to make of it…

  32. 1. I am well!! (I am tired as it is late and I probably should get some sleep).
    2. Fedora; I like the mysterious feel of them. Although my husband loves my sun hat I bought this past summer, he loves me in hats.
    3. I like to think of myself as a ninja who bides her time, and then suddenly I’m there! (sadly that happens in real life when people turn around and go “holy crap you scared me!) I would have my movie about my life star Selena Gomez to voice act, as I do love animation, makes me feel a child at heart.
    4. Evolution: I have had a lot of forced rejection in life, and there was really nothing I could do about it. I hated it, and it sucked: parents divorcing and all that. I did turn the tides when the first boy I dated and cared about deeply decided to unexpectedly dump me. I was devastated b/c I didn’t see that coming. I thought I was getting married, and he says: “I think it’s time we go our separate ways.” Over time, I would wake up and go through motions not really trying to think, but trying to live. Months past, and even though I claimed to be ‘moved on’ from my tragedy, I still felt myself hobbling along with life.
    A caring friend invited me, and my ex, on a hike to enjoy the last remaining days of summer. I didn’t care if he was there, I went to be with her, and not him. He was her friend too. That day started a change that I wasn’t sure should be happening at that point. At every point there could possibly be, I ended up alone with him! I thought I was losing my mind! I tried to find a way to keep up, or slow down, to lose sight of him, to be selfish! Nothing kept this fool away from me. So I thought it was time to reconcile. We stopped at this bridge that went across a steep river flow and overlooked a waterfall. We literally, after much heart to heart discussion, kissed and made up.
    5. That’s the truth. :)

    P.S. You are an awesome writer! Thank you!

  33. 1) I’m doing well, all things considered. I suppose I should be doing homework, but what else is new.

    2) I do wear hats. My favorite right now is my Tyrolean hat. It’s black with a dark green hatband and a feather.

    3) I’ve already got that story in my head. Her name is Dani, she does karate and she will lie until no one doubts that she has no romantic feelings whatsoever, even if she’s slowly rotting on the inside from an unrequited love… There’s a reason my ideas never get written down on paper, digital or otherwise.

    4) What do you do when you’re head-over-heels in love with someone whom it is unethical to love? You implode because nobody can know about it. You then proceed to explode to your friends until they tell you to “just get over it already.” And you hope to some higher being that you can evolve from it and “just get over it already!”

    5)Dare, because you don’t seem like the kind of person to dare me to do something stupid.

    • Unethical? Really? As in not morally correct? As in married person or priest or blood relative or teacher? I dare you to find someone you can walk down the street with, holding hands, and not worry about it, because love is difficult enough as it is. I dare you to risk being requited. (I know, it’s terrifying, isn’t it?)

  34. Delighted to make your acquaintance, Anna. Do you do? I do, oh yes I do. I darn well do
    For a hat, I would choose a slouchy tam for most days and a snood for formal days…then again, where would the feather go?
    A biography of me? Can’t even imagine. There would be far too many scenes of a girl, then a woman, staring longingly out a window.
    Rejection? Dejection, confusion, evolution. Then a ten hour nap.
    In truth or dare, I would always choose truth. I could invent the truth but I couldn’t fake the dare.

  35. I wear a hat. My hat is a very pale peach hat, with a wide brim and an even paler veil.
    The veil has tiny sparkling jewels scattered throughout.
    There are deliciously delicate white roses upon my hat.
    And a few pink ones with a tiny yellow flower stuck somewhere in between. I cant get by a day without yellow.
    My hat is outstandingly feminine. The veil is one that I can appear to be softer from behind it. And protected from…
    the dust
    the stares of men
    the stares of women
    the words thrown at me that I would prefer to throw back.
    I will lift my veil for God only.
    For God in you.

    (ok…real time now….. I have no clue what I am doing here. its my first day ever on a blog…dont even know if I can find my way around this sight to get back to my own).
    my name is Anna. if you would write to me..I will lift my veil with a smile to you….) A

  36. 1. How do I do what? How do I urinate perhaps? I relax my external urethral sphincter, and sometimes I increase the pressure in my thoracic cavity by exhaling against a closed glottis. It’s called the val salva maneuver.

    2. The hat would indistinguishable from shadow.

    3. The name would be L. Torment and the line would be “Forever alone, forever at war.”

    4. Other: Each rejection spurs me to string together another sequence of nitrogenous bases for the synthetic organism I am designing. When I reach 1 million rejections, a terrible, tiny, monster will be unleashed upon this earth.

    5. I chose dare. I ate an insect. It was still wriggling when I put it in my mouth. I swallowed all the meat and goo, but I had spit out the exoskeleton.

    -Loup Mal

  37. P.S.
    Thanks, those questions were most enjoyable.

  38. MG

    1. Swimmingly, right now. I have found a fun way to procrastinate on my own writing!

    2. I have about a zillionpointtwo hats. Most have brims that dip over my left eye, where I hide the brow that raises itself with ironic humor whenever it chooses, wearer be dammed.

    3. If there is pure fiction or true autobiography, it is only written by people with photographic memories and OCD. True Autobiography or Pure Fiction, ah, well. That is all around us, no? A movie of my life would feature a Holly Golightly clone who frequently says, “Ooh, let’s try that again!”

    4. I do not deal well with rejection. Sorry, no story, just an image of a little girl trudging towards a patch of birch trees to hide until she feels better. When she is stuck in the South, it’s a large willow tree to hide under or a climbing tree to hide in.

    5. Truth or Dare? Truth, to my deep embarrassment, way too many times. Once, after a head injury, I started to believe absolute truth was always and everywhere the best way to go. I lost a lot of friends. Not that I told nasty truths; I did not tell ALL truth, just what I was asked about, and softened if it seemed necessary. Still, I was living in a world that was much more fictional than I had known and I made everyone around me uncomfortable. I was a loose cannon and soon I achieved persona non grata-hood all over my life. Shoulda gone for the dare!

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